Eastern District Camera offers professional camera and color services, one block from the Jefferson L train. Once known as Brooklyn's Eastern District, our community is now home to film studios, set shops, equipment rentals, and several affordable sound stages. 

We’re proud to offer a level of personalized service a step above your average rental house: our team is happy to source the right lenses for your DP, offer 24/7 technical and logistical support, and do everything we can to make your next rental a different kind of experience:

In our calibrated color grading room, our in-house colorist will work with your DP to create in-camera LUTs, first light rushes, and finishing grades (including advanced retouching, and custom tuned masters for broadcast, theatrical and web delivery). Our checkout bay can often accommodate after hours and weekend requests, to make pickups and returns as easy as possible.


Drop us a line at rentals@easterndistrictcamera.com and we'll get right back to you.